The Pure Forskolin Extract And MCT Oil Benefits for Exercise

MCT has been studied extensively in the field of exercise and sports science. It was hypothesised that because MCTs are digested much quicker than other fats, may be able to provide a good, rapidly available fuel source for endurance athletes. There is some evidence to support this theory. It has been found that supplementing athletes with 6 g MCTs/day was able to increase cycling time to exhaustion by almost 76%, increase fat usage, while significantly reducing lactic acid levels, compared to supplementing with LCTs (Nosaka et al, 2009). Another study showed that MCTs were inferior to carbohydrates in boosting endurance. However, the addition of MCTs to carbohydrates resulted in a synergistic effect between the two nutrients, giving best endurance performance. Countless studies have documented that the benefits of MCTs and Pure Forskolin Extract for fat loss. Unlike many other fats, MCTs are transported in the blood, which makes them far less likely to be deposited into body fat. They are also metabolised rapidly, and increase energy burning (Clegg, 2010).

The beneficial effects of MCTs kick into action almost immediately after they are consumed. It has been shown that thermogenesis increased as a result of consuming MCT rich meals, and it did so to a greater extent for obese people (Scalfi et al, 1991). When maintaining MTC consumption, this effect has been shown to last up to two weeks, with thermogenesis slowing down in the later days (White et al, 1999). But fret not! Despite the reduction of thermogenesis after a few weeks, MCTs have been shown to be very effective for long term weight loss, as a result of its effect on appetite suppression. It has been shown that consuming MCTs resulted in a reduction of body weight and total voluntary energy intake compared to LCTs (Han et al, 2007). Another study showed that supplementing with only 5 g MCTs/day for 12 weeks while dieting, was sufficient to cause an additional 58% loss of body fat compared to those receiving LCTs.